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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Isn’t (Just) Playing Games

Virtual reality gaming has been “the future” for a long time, but now that there are products set to be released that can...
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Fake Cans

How High Def Is Changing Your Brain

What happens as high definition gets better and better? As cameras evolve and create pictures that make us feel as though we are...
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Snapchat Specialists

Publishers are Hiring Snapchat Specialists

Publishers from CNN to National Geographic are taking a page from Daily Mail’s playbook — hiring specialists to create...
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Facebook Video

Food publishers are early winners of Facebook video

Facebook has been allowing users to upload videos directly to their platform for quite some time. And now we know that food-related...
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Video Storytelling App Flipagram Raises $70 Million

You may have heard of Flipagram. The two-year old app allows users to tell stories by making music video-like clips with photos and...
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3D Printed Songs

3D Printed Songs

Have you ever heard a song and then had a vision of what that song would look like in real life as an actual, physical object? Well,...
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Music Discovery

Even If The Royalties Suck, Streaming Drives Concert Ticket Sales

Streaming is the future. It’s the future of movies, television and, as seen in recent headlines, music. Although there are many...
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Apple DJ

Apple Music and the Future of the Music Industry

There has been a lot of talk about music streaming services and how the artists are compensated for their work. This article dissects...
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TV vs. Digital Video

Why TV is Still Crushing Digital Video

Why I am really excited about the growth opportunity for digital viewing of TV shows…”Why TV is still crushing digital video,...
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TV Viewership Charts

What’s Really Happening with TV Viewing?

Here’s a look at what’s really happening with TV viewing. This blog looked at the “Stürm und Drang” (thunder and...
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