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CX Deck

Facebook Is About to Test Its Enormous Solar-Powered Drone

Facebook is set to launch their solar-powered drone Aquila into the stratosphere. Aquila has a wingspan the size of a Boeing 737,...
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Bloomberg Media

How Bloomberg monetizes readers who arrive from social media

Bloomberg Media is working toward finding the perfect solution to capitalize on the growing number of users that arrive at...
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Instagram Earnings

Wall Street wants to know if Instagram can make money

Mobile advertising has become a lucrative industry for investors. Facebook earned $12.4 billion in ad revenue last year and 76 percent...
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Snapchat Specialists

Publishers are Hiring Snapchat Specialists

Publishers from CNN to National Geographic are taking a page from Daily Mail’s playbook — hiring specialists to create...
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Facebook Video

Food publishers are early winners of Facebook video

Facebook has been allowing users to upload videos directly to their platform for quite some time. And now we know that food-related...
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Video Storytelling App Flipagram Raises $70 Million

You may have heard of Flipagram. The two-year old app allows users to tell stories by making music video-like clips with photos and...
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Social Media Newspaper

How Facebook and Twitter Became Your Newspapers

Facebook and Twitter have evolved from being the place you go to have a discussion about what you had for breakfast to talking about...
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Facebook Fights YouTube With Big Data

Once again, Facebook throws YouTube giant a curveball by using data about users to create a unique visit that correlates almost...
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trending on instagram

Trending at Instagram

Have you ever wondered about trends? How do they start? Who do they come from? Instagram offers a detailed look into what exactly...
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Arianna Huffington’s Improbable, Insatiable Content Machine

“Content is king”—that buzz phrase will never die. This article highlights Ariana Huffington’s content machine, the...
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