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The Digital Media Revolution Will Not Be Televised

See why digital media is becoming the new entertainment powerhouse. Kyle Pope argues against Michael Wolff’s claim...
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New Platform “Pitch” aims to help women “Master the art of the pitch”

The Pitch is a new platform aimed toward helping women “master the art of the pitch” by allowing women to upload 60-second videos...
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Who Needs Ears When You Can Have Binaural Earphones?

When you listen to audio from a smartphone in a video, it’s usually muffled by the sound of the wind or the busy noise of your...
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HBO To Netflix: Bring It On

Fast Company provides a great article on HBO’s quest to win the streaming wars became a binge-worthy drama as juicy as Game of...
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David Wertheimer's Family

Family… #Blessed

Beverly and I teach our kids that gratitude is one of the most important keys to having a happy life. I am immensely grateful for my...
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Big Data

This is why human perspective is essential in understanding big data

Future of Research – Algorithms Aren’t Enough: Why Human Perspective is Essential to Big Data: Science has classically been...
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Employee Engagement

The Real Truth About Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is important for a company, yet engagement is at an all time low. Engagement must grow organically, from the...
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8 out of 10 Statistics are Completely Made Up

Statistics are assumed to be objective, trustworthy, and factual; in reality, statistics are often manipulated, flawed, or presented...
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cause and effect

Cause And Effect

Even in the world of entertainment, people are reluctant to label viewership and social volume, just for example, as cause and effect....
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David Wertheimer's Office @ FOX

From Twitter's @ChloeS

Every TV executive’s office should look like @dwertheimer’s at Fox -@ChloeS

@ChloeS wrote: “Every TV executives’ office should look like @dwertheimer’s at Fox (@Tweetdeck, @Bluefinlabs,...
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