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How Brands Can Really Matter in the Moment

Written by   •  Monday, 16.02.2015, 18:32
Brands Matter in Moment

Living and engaging in the moment is magical for a brand, but it’s hard to do. Even though it is real-time, the key is to still plan ahead to stay in front of your competition.

“There’s a reason tickets to the Super Bowl go for thousands of dollars. Watching an event live, sharing the moment with other fans, is a singular and special experience. To a great extent, technology has brought that experience into our living rooms. Even if we’re watching an event alone—not just sports games, but awards shows, reality shows or the season premiere of our favorite show—we can talk about it with other people as it happens. Friends, rivals and strangers can watch together; and even if separated by geography, they are united by a shared experience.”

Read the full article on Think With Google.

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