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Business of Story

Winning the Story Wars with Jonah Sachs

The ability to tell a story and to tell it well is what will set you apart from every other business. The Business of Story podcast...
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Instagram Could be a $2 Billion Business Next Year

Three years ago, Facebook acquired Instagram when it had fewer than 80 million users for $1 billion dollars. Today, the app has over...
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How To Practice Good Design

When a startup with a good design emerges, beautiful things tend to happen. For example, design was an integral part of Appleā€™s...
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Similarity is Key

The Key To Being Liked And Being More Influential

Similarity…a major driver in like-ability and memorability. You like names better when they are similar to yours. Birthdays are...
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Business Partnership

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making a Partnership Official

Having business partners is a great way to gain moral and tactical support — what’s important is that you make sure...
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The Reimagination of Daily Life in 2015

The Reimagination of Daily Life in 2015

Technology pervades every aspect of business, and it’s changing faster than ever. In 2015, the onslaught of connected devices...
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Algorithmic CEO

The algorithmic CEO

The algorithmic CEO: Companies will need to substantially change the way they are organized, managed, and led…Get ready for the...
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Snapchat can Kill Showrooming

How Snapchat Can Help Retailers Kill ‘Showrooming’

Interesting article from AdAge on how brands can use Snapchat to take control of the retail experience. I wonder if these tips will...
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8 out of 10 Statistics are Completely Made Up

Statistics are assumed to be objective, trustworthy, and factual; in reality, statistics are often manipulated, flawed, or presented...
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Business Storytelling

Tell Your Business Story Like a TED Pro

Everybody knows that storytelling is key to success in entertainment. But what everyone should know is that storytelling is critical...
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