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Fake Cans

How High Def Is Changing Your Brain

What happens as high definition gets better and better? As cameras evolve and create pictures that make us feel as though we are...
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TV vs. Digital Video

Why TV is Still Crushing Digital Video

Why I am really excited about the growth opportunity for digital viewing of TV shows…”Why TV is still crushing digital video,...
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TV Viewership Charts

What’s Really Happening with TV Viewing?

Here’s a look at what’s really happening with TV viewing. This blog looked at the “Stürm und Drang” (thunder and...
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NAB Show: Where Content Comes to Life

Social Media and the Business of Live TV.
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3-D Technology in Film

David Wertheimer speaking on 3-D technology in films.
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Variety’s Entertainment & Technology Summit

Great time speaking on a panel at Variety’s Entertainment & Technology Summit.
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cause and effect

Cause And Effect

Even in the world of entertainment, people are reluctant to label viewership and social volume, just for example, as cause and effect....
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