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Apple Google Ecosystem

Apple and Google Ecosystem

When it comes to technology, most users mainly care about the results they get from what they’re using. That’s why Apple and...
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Google Startup New York

New Google Startup Seeks to Improve Life in the Big City

The former New York City deputy mayor for economic development and Google CEO Larry Page have come together to launch Sidewalk Labs,...
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Google's Emotional Intelligence Course

Inside Google’s Emotional Intelligence Course

EQ: Emotional Intelligence @ Google? May seem unlikely, but has been off-the-chain. Since Google’s initial...
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SEO Still Matters

SEO Still Matters

Why worry about SEO in this day and age? Because after all these years, Google still has a huge impact on your audience: – 93%...
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Google Mobile Search Rankings

Are publishers ready for Google’s ‘mobile-friendly’ rankings?

Google’s “mobilegeddon” is coming, and not all publishers are going to be prepared. Google said in February that it plans to...
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Google Search Hacks

12 Google Search Hacks That Will Make You Love Google Even More

Google search hacks…check out a few that you can do: Choose your next snack by comparing food Keep track of your TV schedule Use...
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Google and Twitter Partnership

5 things brands should know about the Google-Twitter partnership

Wondering how the Google and Twitter partnership will affect your marketing? Digiday provides five pros and cons that brands should...
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Google Mobile Payments

To Fend Off Apple, Google Might Let You Pay With Your Voice

For a while, it seemed like mobile payments were a geek’s dream wrapped in a whole lot of hype. But with last year’s...
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Intelligence Machines

Intelligent Machines: Fear and Optimism

When I ran the Institute for Creative Technologies at USC, I had some of the leading researchers in artificial intelligence working in...
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