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Brainstorming Does Not Work

New research confirmed that working individually is often more productive than working in groups. It also showed that productivity...
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SEO Still Matters

SEO Still Matters

Why worry about SEO in this day and age? Because after all these years, Google still has a huge impact on your audience: – 93%...
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Social Media Metrics

A mile wide, an inch deep

According to a co-founder of Twitter: There is no “God Metric” for content — decide which metrics really matter, and...
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8 out of 10 Statistics are Completely Made Up

Statistics are assumed to be objective, trustworthy, and factual; in reality, statistics are often manipulated, flawed, or presented...
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cause and effect

Cause And Effect

Even in the world of entertainment, people are reluctant to label viewership and social volume, just for example, as cause and effect....
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