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Reinvetion for Succes

Why Constant Reinvention is the Path to Lasting Success

Some of the most successful people today are also the most creative. Creative people can think of new and better ways to do something...
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Who Needs Ears When You Can Have Binaural Earphones?

When you listen to audio from a smartphone in a video, it’s usually muffled by the sound of the wind or the busy noise of your...
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Smart Devices

Smart Devices Beget Smarter Recommendations

As we rely more deeply on our personal devices, we’ll see the evolution of intelligent services that can anticipate our needs...
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Nike Workout

Nike Sensory-Enriched Workout

This treadmill brings a sensory-enriched experience to the mundane work out. With Nike’s Force of Nature, the runner’s...
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3D-Printed Exoskeleton Hands Could Augment Human Bodies

With an interesting look into the #transhuman world, 3D printed exoskeleton hands could augment human bodies in the long run. Imagine...
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Apple Watch and Tesla Model S

Control your Tesla Model S with your Apple Watch

With the official launch of the Apple Watch in April, drivers of the Tesla Model S will be able to do a lot more than just push an...
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Big Data

This is why human perspective is essential in understanding big data

Future of Research – Algorithms Aren’t Enough: Why Human Perspective is Essential to Big Data: Science has classically been...
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