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Bloomberg Media

How Bloomberg monetizes readers who arrive from social media

Bloomberg Media is working toward finding the perfect solution to capitalize on the growing number of users that arrive at...
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Social Media Newspaper

How Facebook and Twitter Became Your Newspapers

Facebook and Twitter have evolved from being the place you go to have a discussion about what you had for breakfast to talking about...
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Facebook Fights YouTube With Big Data

Once again, Facebook throws YouTube giant a curveball by using data about users to create a unique visit that correlates almost...
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trending on instagram

Trending at Instagram

Have you ever wondered about trends? How do they start? Who do they come from? Instagram offers a detailed look into what exactly...
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Snapchat Discover

Snapchat Discover: Why It Wins the Storytelling Game

Snapchat is reinventing the way we (young people) consume news and engage with content/brands. For example, Snapchat Discover...
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Pinterest isn't a Social Network

Pinterest Tries to Ditch the ‘Social Network’ Label

A social network is defined as “an online community of people with a common interest who use a website or other technologies to...
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Storytelling on Social Media

Storytelling on Social Media – The Ripple Effect

The strongest emotional hooks are those about people. Yes, brand storytelling is about brands, but it usually starts with humans....
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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing in 2015

Facebook marketing is more important than ever. Building a loyal following on Facebook is harder than ever. PostPlanner shares five...
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Winning a Facebook Fan Page

The A-Z Guide To A Winning Facebook Fan Page

You need to be on Facebook because one out of every seven people on earth is on Facebook. Here are some great tips to improve your...
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Build Trust Not Traffic

Why You Should Be Building Trust, Not Traffic

Power on the web does not come from content. It comes from social transmission and trust. 83% of CMOs claim that social sharing is the...
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