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Driverless Cars

Welcome to a City Designed for Testing Driverless Cars

Autonomous cars are the future. One of the biggest concerns about driverless cars is, understandably, safety. To combat that fear, the...
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Hack-Proof Hardware

Hack-proof hardware to replace passwords

Today, a person’s entire life essentially lives on the Internet—from their credit card information to family photos. Creating...
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Striking a Balance

How to Strike a Balance Between Marketing and Tech

Many companies have created a chief marketing TECHNOLOGY officer, or CMTO, to be the link between marketers and technologists. To be...
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virtual reality hand

Oculus’ Next Big Move is to Make VR a Social Experience

Instead of virtual reality becoming a world you can escape to once you put on a headset, Oculus is working toward making it a social...
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How To Practice Good Design

When a startup with a good design emerges, beautiful things tend to happen. For example, design was an integral part of Apple’s...
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Engage Audiences with Storytelling

To Engage Audiences with Storytelling, Don’t Think Like a Pop Star

While popular songs catch on because they’re repetitive, this doesn’t work for advertising any more. AdAge provides five...
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Virtual Technology

7 Mind-Blowing Ways Virtual Technology Will Change Your World

The future of VR… The distinction between what is real and what is virtual is blurring and will forever change how you work....
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Los Angeles

Los Angeles Becoming a Destination for Tech Entrepreneurs

The tech billionaires are all coming to LA where the next wave of action is… That, and warm weather, lower costs. Los Angeles is...
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Disruption Does Not Define Success

‘Disruption’ Does Not Define Success. Here Are 5 Principles That Do.

Disruption’ does not define success. Entrepreneur provides us five principles that do: Understand and respect the “as is”...
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