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5 Strategies Big Businesses Use To Build A Culture of Innovation

It’s vital for corporations to build innovative cultures in the workplace. Among the reasons: improvement in productivity,...
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Hack-Proof Hardware

Hack-proof hardware to replace passwords

Today, a person’s entire life essentially lives on the Internet—from their credit card information to family photos. Creating...
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5 Roles Every Great Designer Must Play

Today, designers are taking on more roles at companies. Yes, they are coding, but they are also creating and collaborating with other...
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Reinvetion for Succes

Why Constant Reinvention is the Path to Lasting Success

Some of the most successful people today are also the most creative. Creative people can think of new and better ways to do something...
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Adobe Flash

Flash. Must. Die.

Flash is under fire–again. The security boss at Facebook, Alex Stamos, recently called for the end of the software platform after...
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Zappos Embrace Holacracy

Zappos Embraces Holacracy as Millennials Shape the Future of Work

Millennials are the kids who were born between 1977 and 2000. They’re also the next generation of buyers, sellers and CEOs. Many...
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Job vs. gig

Why Shyp Is Only the Beginning

California ruled that Uber drivers are employees and not part-time contractors. Since then, companies have tried to establish their...
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A Meeting Trick to Steal From the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have taken a page from the playbook from companies such as Dropbox, and VaynerMedia on how to keep...
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Food waste

Digital Technology Takes on Food Waste

Food waste is a growing problem around the world as $1 trillion worth of food is lost or wasted per year globally (1.3bn tons of...
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Brainstorming Does Not Work

New research confirmed that working individually is often more productive than working in groups. It also showed that productivity...
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