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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Isn’t (Just) Playing Games

Virtual reality gaming has been “the future” for a long time, but now that there are products set to be released that can...
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CX Deck

Facebook Is About to Test Its Enormous Solar-Powered Drone

Facebook is set to launch their solar-powered drone Aquila into the stratosphere. Aquila has a wingspan the size of a Boeing 737,...
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Driverless Cars

Welcome to a City Designed for Testing Driverless Cars

Autonomous cars are the future. One of the biggest concerns about driverless cars is, understandably, safety. To combat that fear, the...
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Hack-Proof Hardware

Hack-proof hardware to replace passwords

Today, a person’s entire life essentially lives on the Internet—from their credit card information to family photos. Creating...
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uber suggested pickup points

Uber Is Now Testing “Suggested Pickup Points”

Have you had an Uber experience where you spent more time looking for your driver than getting to your destination? Well you’re not...
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The computers of our wildest dreams…& how we can make them a reality

The race is on for companies to create “the computers of our wildest dreams,” also known as quantum computers. These computers...
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Product Hunt

How Has Product Hunt Become Such a Critical Startup Website?

Product Hunt is THE place to launch your startup today. Product Hunt did for Meerkat what Tech Crunch did for Twitter. After each of...
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Striking a Balance

How to Strike a Balance Between Marketing and Tech

Many companies have created a chief marketing TECHNOLOGY officer, or CMTO, to be the link between marketers and technologists. To be...
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Google Startup New York

New Google Startup Seeks to Improve Life in the Big City

The former New York City deputy mayor for economic development and Google CEO Larry Page have come together to launch Sidewalk Labs,...
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Tim Cook

A New Plea for Privacy Rights from Apple’s CEO

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently spoke out against companies using personal data to target ads to its users. It’s becoming...
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