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The computers of our wildest dreams…& how we can make them a reality

The race is on for companies to create “the computers of our wildest dreams,” also known as quantum computers. These computers...
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Striking a Balance

How to Strike a Balance Between Marketing and Tech

Many companies have created a chief marketing TECHNOLOGY officer, or CMTO, to be the link between marketers and technologists. To be...
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Food waste

Digital Technology Takes on Food Waste

Food waste is a growing problem around the world as $1 trillion worth of food is lost or wasted per year globally (1.3bn tons of...
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Smart Devices

Smart Devices Beget Smarter Recommendations

As we rely more deeply on our personal devices, we’ll see the evolution of intelligent services that can anticipate our needs...
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Virtual Reality Changing Storytelling

Virtual Reality Is Changing Storytelling

Virtual reality’s effect is going to be profound. The immersive and sensory experience is on track to being integrated into...
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Engage Audiences with Storytelling

To Engage Audiences with Storytelling, Don’t Think Like a Pop Star

While popular songs catch on because they’re repetitive, this doesn’t work for advertising any more. AdAge provides five...
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Traffic Robocops are Making Streets Safer in Congo

The DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) is known for its poverty and violence. Decades of endless warfare and generations of corruption...
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3-D Technology in Film

David Wertheimer speaking on 3-D technology in films.
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Variety’s Entertainment & Technology Summit

Great time speaking on a panel at Variety’s Entertainment & Technology Summit.
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Tech Leaders

Powerful Tips from Tech’s Top Media Trainer and Speaking Coach

It’s crucial for technology leaders to get people (customers, press, etc.) excited about what they’re building. The key:...
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