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Virtual Reality Isn’t (Just) Playing Games

By David Wertheimer • Aug 18, 2015

How High Def Is Changing Your Brain

By David Wertheimer • Aug 17, 2015

Facebook Is About to Test Its Enormous Solar-Powered...

By David Wertheimer • Aug 17, 2015

3 Native Advertising Myths

By David Wertheimer • Aug 14, 2015
Social Media Newspaper

How Facebook and Twitter Became Your Newspapers

Facebook and Twitter have evolved from being the place you go to have a discussion about what you had for breakfast to talking about...
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3D Printed Songs

3D Printed Songs

Have you ever heard a song and then had a vision of what that song would look like in real life as an actual, physical object? Well,...
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Music Discovery

Even If The Royalties Suck, Streaming Drives Concert Ticket Sales

Streaming is the future. It’s the future of movies, television and, as seen in recent headlines, music. Although there are many...
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7 Rejections & Airbnb

Airbnb is valued at $24 billion today. Numerous people had the opportunity to invest $150k into Airbnb — your $150k would be...
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uber suggested pickup points

Uber Is Now Testing “Suggested Pickup Points”

Have you had an Uber experience where you spent more time looking for your driver than getting to your destination? Well you’re not...
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Job vs. gig

Why Shyp Is Only the Beginning

California ruled that Uber drivers are employees and not part-time contractors. Since then, companies have tried to establish their...
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Facebook Fights YouTube With Big Data

Once again, Facebook throws YouTube giant a curveball by using data about users to create a unique visit that correlates almost...
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Business of Story

Winning the Story Wars with Jonah Sachs

The ability to tell a story and to tell it well is what will set you apart from every other business. The Business of Story podcast...
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trending on instagram

Trending at Instagram

Have you ever wondered about trends? How do they start? Who do they come from? Instagram offers a detailed look into what exactly...
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Despite the need to—80% of marketers can’t personalize their marketing

Everybody talks about the importance of personalization. However, a recent study showed that knowing your customer well is proving to...
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