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Brand Stroytelling

Scrap the Boring Stuff – Make Your Brand’s Story Mean Something

Someone somewhere said something about how boring people rarely make history. Well, the same can be true about businesses and their...
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Business of Story

Winning the Story Wars with Jonah Sachs

The ability to tell a story and to tell it well is what will set you apart from every other business. The Business of Story podcast...
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The First 5 Seconds: Creating YouTube Ads That Break Through in a Skippable World

With skippable ads, it’s not easy to get consumers to pay attention beyond five seconds. What’s the key to beating these...
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virtual reality hand

Oculus’ Next Big Move is to Make VR a Social Experience

Instead of virtual reality becoming a world you can escape to once you put on a headset, Oculus is working toward making it a social...
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Snapchat Discover

Snapchat Discover: Why It Wins the Storytelling Game

Snapchat is reinventing the way we (young people) consume news and engage with content/brands. For example, Snapchat Discover...
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Explain Your Startup

Best Way to Explain Your Startup

The best way to explain your startup: tell a story. When it comes to storytelling, my preference is always for visual storytelling. In...
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Virtual Reality Changing Storytelling

Virtual Reality Is Changing Storytelling

Virtual reality’s effect is going to be profound. The immersive and sensory experience is on track to being integrated into...
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Storytelling on Social Media

Storytelling on Social Media – The Ripple Effect

The strongest emotional hooks are those about people. Yes, brand storytelling is about brands, but it usually starts with humans....
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Engage Audiences with Storytelling

To Engage Audiences with Storytelling, Don’t Think Like a Pop Star

While popular songs catch on because they’re repetitive, this doesn’t work for advertising any more. AdAge provides five...
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Making Stories in a Digital World

At the Ad Age Digital Conference, marketing executives from Adobe, Burger King, Taco Bell and Visa discussed making stories rather...
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